The real story of twin flame separation


A story of a twin flame couple who met each other in this life

A woman (Ms.T) consulted about her twin flame with Koto who was a twin flame experiencer.

Ms. T met a man who was her twin flame and they were seeing each other.

But she decided to break up with him. By the time she told him good-bye, her life changed drastically because of her work. She seemed to be living a tough life like training. It seems that she has been in the separation and challenge stage. She also felt that this step was “not a coincidence.”

So, Koto checked out some past life of Ms. T and her twin flame.

Current relationship with separated twin flame

Before doing past life reading, Koto saw the current relationship with her twin flame spiritually.

Koto did a spiritual reading.  Her twin flame who she left, stood on just her right side. He watched over with her as if he knew everything.

They seemed to have something to do in different places, and both of them already knew “what to do”. She was expected to have a reunion with him in the future, but Koto felt that it was probably not her but a man to decide it.

“Because I did just as much as I could, I don’t feel like “I should have done it.” or “I wish I had done this”. I am convinced myself that it was inevitable that this situation came, so I will not approach him from me. ” “I feel that I’ve come to a world different from him and I’m paving my way forward by myself.” she told Koto.

She understood separation with her twin flame in that way , but she said that only one thing remained about an accessory he gave her. Once she tried to remove that accessory she felt pain, and she felt “I will finish my life wearing this.” That’s because she felt like she could meet her twin flame again if she weared the accessory.

Koto did spiritual reading on the accessory.

That accessory was connected with him, and as she removed the accessory, her energy seemed to flow out from there. Also, the accessory became a sign spiritually of reunion with him, so when she was wearing the accessory, he seemed to be relieved.

Relationship with her twin flame in past life

Then, Koto saw the past life she spent with her twin flame.

There was a man and woman who was lying on a grass field. “We should meet again” they promised. That was the separating situation with her twin flame in her past life. The man departed somewhere, she watched it in a dress like a white one piece. Perhaps it was around the American Civil War era.

The two souls were separated, and they decided to meet again in this life.

After the separation scene with her, he was looking at the area where burned down by the war. The reason was not clear, but he did not return to his hometown. He wanted to succeed in something, and he was strong-willed. Just before he died, he remembered a lover in his youth, and that was, her.


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