Twin Flame Separation Stage – Difference Who Can And Cannot Reunite


It is said that a twin flame, a person who shares one soul with you, is a man of destiny beyond time.

You may imagine a sweet love story when you hear “Man of Destiny”.
In fact, however, it is not just a sweet experience.

The reason why the soul was divided is to make the soul grow more in the first place. In other words, trials may be sometimes prepared for the growth of the soul.


What is the separation stage with your twin flame?

Your twin flame might be born as a human being in this life, or your twin flame soul might have not come down to a human body and might have taken a break in the upper world. Even if you live in the same life as your twin flame, you might live in a different country and might not meet, or some people do not have the opportunity to meet their twin flames, living in the same country.

In other words, being able to meet your twin flame in this life is very lucky! !

However, there are also twin flame couples who enter a farewell period called “separation stage”, even if they are fortunate to meet their twin flames. Even if they encounter their twin flames, unless tasks necessary for the growth of the soul are over, they have to be separated once to finish their tasks.

This separation stage is very painful and hard time.

The two souls once encountered are intensely attracted to each other.
You can not stay together although they are attracted each other.

If it is a general love affair, time may naturally heal your heart when you part from him (her) and stop meeting.

However, in the case of the twin flame couple, since they are originally single soul, though the body is not near you, you always feels his (her) sign. Even if you want to forget him (her), you can not forget. Such a state continues.



Difference between people who can and cannot reunite after twin flame separation stage

Then, after the encounter, can twin flame couples who experienced parting reunite in this life?

The answer is Yes and No.

Koto, a woman who actually experienced a twin flame journey, realized that there were someone who held the key to reunion, based on her own experiences, real stories of twin flame couples she had heard, and past life sessions she had done.

The person is

A soul with a karmic connection that appears beyond time.

For example, in the case of Koto.

When she examined some of her past life when she spent with her twin flame, she and her twin flame united without any obstacle in the life when there was no person who had a karma. On the contrary, however, in the life when a fateful person appeared, the separation period came after the encounter with her twin flame, and finished her life without being united.

Like your twin flame, the soul with a karmic connection is the same soul even when the times change.

In this life, both her and her twin flame husband each had a person who had a karmic connection from the past life. Therefore, the separation stage came. And, for the first time in the all of their life, they were able to overcome the tasks with the person who had a karmic connection, and they were able to reunite.

In Koto’s hypothesis, we think that when both of them finish the tasks with the soul who has a karmic connection, they finish the growth of the soul as a human being, and it is a human graduation.

Japanese original text:ツインソウルとの分離期間後に再会できる人とできない人の違い




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